Galapagos Islands, Ecuador - January 2007



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Detailed Quito, Ecuador 

Detailed Galapagos Islands
Detailed Cusco, Peru Detailed Machu Picchu

Note that some of these photos were taken by Gerry Durant and Robyn Dredge

Galapagos Islands (a World Heritage Site)    

Landing on Baltra Island         Galapagos Sea Lions

Santa Cruz Island, Las Banchas Beach     Marine Iguana               Frigate bird   greater Flamingos           

Our crew  

Rabida Island, red sand beach     Blue Footed Boobie            Galapagos fur sea lion 

  Louis, our guide      Galapagos snake   

lava lizard            



Santiago Island, black sand beach                 Darwin finch   

Galapagos hawk    locust              Robyn 



  Gerry, me, Shelley, Robyn 

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Bartolome Island                                  The whole gang

Robyn Gerry & Shelley                   

Galapagos penguins                 


Santiago Island, Sullivan Bay 80 year old lava flow                                


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Santa Cruz Island, Darwin Research Station - baby giant tortoises         Lonesome George (last of his species)      

Last tortoises from Floreana Island              Land Iguana               


wild giant tortoises                   

giant lava tube  Robyn as bartender

San Cristobal Island                 brown pelican                Kicker Rock

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snorkeling -green sea turtle      sea lion        white tip shark       


new crew???       

Espanola Island, Garner Bay, friendly mocking bird           lave heron  American oyster catcher 

friendly little sea lion                        

Punta Suarez (Espanola), Masked or Nazca Boobie                      

Blue-footed Boobie                    Galapagos Hawk   albatross 

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Floreana Island, Post Office Bay     

Punta Cormorant          

nesting sea turtle   turtle tracks       

Shelley & Robyn      Peter & Judy  

The whole gang  flamingo   


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Santa Cruz Island, Black Turtle Cove   sea turtles mating           baby black tip shark 



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Note that some of these photos were taken by Gerry Durant and Robyn Dredge

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