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Canada consumes more hydroelectric power than any other country.

Canada has the highest proportion of Internet users.

Canadians spend the most per capita on computer games

Canada has the 6th highest Gross Domestic Product per capita in the world

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Canadians purchase the most videos per capita

Canada’s first movie star was Toronto-born Mary Pickford (1892-1979).  Her acting career stated on stage when she was five.

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CN Tower in Toronto is the tallest telecommunication tower in the world

Pont de Quebec is the longest Cantilever bridge in the world

Canada rated #2 best country to live in (1999) (Norway is #1, Canada tied with Australia & Sweden)

National Library of Canada is the 5th largest library in the world

Canada is 8th in the listing of countries with the longest life expectancy

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Canada has the longest coastline in the world

Cloudiest Place in North America – Prince Rupert, BC

Michigan/Huron, Superior are the 2nd & 3rd largest lakes in the world (US & Canada)

The Rocky Mountains are the 2nd Longest Mountain Range in the world (US & Canada)

Canada is the country with the 3th largest area of forests in the world

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world (behind Russia)

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Region Province/Territory Capital
Atlantic Region Newfoundland and Labrador St. John’s
Prince Edward Island Charlottetown
Nova Scotia Halifax
New Brunswick Fredericton
Central Canada Quebec Québec
Ontario Toronto
Prairie Provinces Manitoba Winnipeg
Saskatchewan Regina
Alberta Edmonton
West Coast British Columbia Victoria
North Nunavut Iqaluit
Northwest Territories Yellowknife
Yukon Territory Whitehorse

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All inventions/discoveries on this list can be verified by the CIPO/OPIC (Canadian Intellectual Property Office). To browse a HUGE list of Canadian inventions by inventor, province, or category, visit the site.2,3

* AM radio
* IMAX projector and system
* panoramic pictures and camera
* standard time
* telephone
* transceiver (walkie-talkie)
* world's first commercial motion picture
* butter substitute
* electric cooking range
* instant potato flakes
* Pablum
* cigarette box
* freehand
* hair tonic
* jolly jumper
* improved ironing board
* measure for footwear
* paint roller
* portable high chair
* robertson screw
* washing machine
* zipper
* degradable plastic
* green box
* kerosene
* oil well
* pulp newsprint
* sewage recycling system
* Actar 911 CPR Dummy
* dental mirror
* electron microscope
* insulin
* liposomes
* medical instruments
* electric hand prosthesis for children
* myoelectric prosthesis
* fog bell or gong
* personal distress device
* MacPherson gas mask
* ear piercer
* Abdomenizer
* Balderdash
* basketball
* 5-pin bowling
* hockey goalie mask
* Muskol
* Puzz-3D
* rollerskate
* ski-binding
* tabletop hockey game
* Trivial Pursuit
* air-conditioned vehicle
* Canadarm
* electric car
* guardrail
* snowblower
* snowmobile 
* lacrosse
* ice brewed beer
* hockey
* back bacon
* Superman
* Beano
* baseball (yes! we played it first)
* Candu Nuclear Reactors
* Commodore Computers
* Red Rose Tea
* Smarties
* the wonderbra
* V-chip
* cable TV
* peacekeeping
* Geiger Counter
* engineered yarn
* beer cases with tuck-in handles
* flight simulators for pilot training 



1-The top 10 of Everything 2003, Russell Ash, 2002 Korling Kindersley Limited  (unless specifically marked otherwise, all facts are from this book)

2-Canada Rocks the Word website, http://move.to/canada

3-Canadian Intellectual Property Office website http://cipo.gc.ca/

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